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Ministry of Industry and 2017 will be transferred to new energy vehicles subsidy policy, set the ceiling and improve the access threshold

2016 auto industry's most compelling event, than the new energy vehicles, "cheat up." Ministry of Industry and Dec. 20 announced the new energy vehicles, "cheat" corporate penalties, the "cheat" the most serious plot of Suzhou Jim West Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "to cancel the vehicle production qualification."
In 2017, the Ministry of Industry will address some of the new energy vehicles "cheat" to adjust the financial subsidy policy. Improve the technical threshold, set the central and local subsidy cap, to prevent the emergence of local supporting subsidy standard is too high.
 "Cheat" corporate disposal results released
"Cheat" of Suzhou Jim West this was devastating blow. According to reports, Jim West, a false declaration in 2015 the sale of 1131 new energy vehicles, involving the central financial assistance funds 261.56 million yuan. The Ministry of Industry to give its "elimination of vehicle production qualification" punishment. In the earlier announcement of the punishment decision, has announced the year 2015 to recover all the central budget subsidies for the decision.
In addition, the Ministry of Industry also involved in the "license-free car" Jinlong United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and other four companies to give "ordered to stop production and sales of models, suspension of new energy vehicles recommended directory qualification, 6 months of rectification "and other penalties.
November 20, Jinlong Automobile announced that the Treasury Department received a copy of the "Ministry of Finance administrative penalty notice." Jinlong United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has 1683 vehicles by the end of 2015 has not yet completed, but in 2015 ahead of the motor vehicle license (the "license-free car"). To this end, the dragon car not only to be recovered funds allocated by the central government about 519.2 million yuan, but also an additional 259 million yuan to bear the huge ticket.
Ministry of Industry and adjust 2017 subsidies
Exposure for the part of the special inspection vehicle subsidies standard is too high, too dependent on subsidies to enterprises, subsidies to enjoy the new energy vehicle product technical performance is low, the actual utilization rate of some vehicles is low and other issues, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Four ministries and commissions in the relevant enterprises and seek the views of third-party institutions, based on the proposed adjustment and improvement of new energy vehicles subsidy program.
In accordance with the Ministry of Industry and publicity, 2017 will be adjusted from the financial subsidy policy, improve the technical threshold, to encourage technological progress, set the central and local subsidy cap, to prevent the local subsidy standards are too high; the same time to improve the subsidy funds, To post-liquidation, to strengthen the funds around the application report review and promotion of verification. In addition, the Ministry of Industry will also improve the enterprise access threshold, and improve the supervision and management mechanism to prevent "cheat" event again.
According to informed sources, the new new energy vehicles, the latest subsidy program implementation time for January 1, 2017. After the implementation of the new subsidy policy, 2016 1 to 3 batches of recommended catalog will be invalidated, and a retrial. Therefore, has entered the 2016 1 ~ 3 recommended models of the directory, be sure to complete the sale and the end of 2016 on the card. Existing models such as does not meet the new subsidy policy, 2017 will not be able to enter the new recommended directory.
In the battery catalog, the subsidy adjustment scheme is not linked to the battery catalog. Local subsidies, in addition to fuel cell vehicles, other types of vehicles require local financial subsidies do not exceed the central government subsidies for bicycles 50%. Local financial subsidies include the sum of local subsidies at all levels, such as provinces, cities, districts / counties. As for subsidies for new energy vehicles, slopes, the central and local subsidy ceiling year after year slump, 2018 20% slope, 2019 to 2020 40% slope.

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